Connect With Buyers and Be Original


You recognize good copywriting immediately! It draws you in and keeps you digging deeper for more. There really is a lost art to writing captivating copy for Real Estate listing and websites.

Unfortunately, too many real estate agents, brokers, and private sellers miss the golden opportunity to “connect” with their target audience by offering high-value, unique content.   Instead, many real estate listings are filled with “canned” information that does not speak the buyers language. Internet savvy visitors demand more.

Real Estate Copywriting Is A Different Breed of Sales Copy


The real estate industry requires a special brand of copywriting all its own. After all, we’re discussing what, for many, will be the biggest investment of their lifetime. It only makes sense that we want to list every single reason to choose your particular real estate company over the rest. We also want to take great care in pointing out the many selling points of specific property listings as well.

However, what most new real estate professionals may not realize going into the copywriting and advertising game, is that they are restricted in their communication. For example, did you know that when writing copy for a home listing, you’re not permitted to suggest that say, a 4-bedroom home might be “perfect for your family?” Or, that a 2-bedroom home is “ideal for couples?” This falls under the category of being discriminatory in your copywriting.

Naturally, this will cause you to feel creatively limited in your advertising. A copywriting professional can be a handy source of inspiration.

Does Your Real Estate Copy Speak The Language That


Our copywriters will work with you to identify your target audience and develop copy that speaks to that specific market.

After all, you would never speak to a luxury home buyer the same way you would speak to a first time home buyer in person, so make sure your copy doesn’t either.

Together, we will determine the specific wants, needs and fears of your target market to insure the copy addresses the site visitor’s psychological and emotional profile and embraces your potential buyer or seller.

When writing effective copy for your real estate listing, we will:

  • Insure your copy is structured so it’s easy to read and “scanner-friendly” since very few people read every word on a website.
  • Use bullet points and lists to help break up text on a page. Lists allow for much needed “white space” that enables the reader’s eyes to rest.
  • Provide digestible copy by keeping it brief. This eliminates the need for “endless scrolling pages” which can be a turn off.
  • Speak the language of your target audience in your copy and connect with visitors on an emotional level.
  • Always end your article or copy with a strong call to action!
  • Use imagery, photos or illustrations to increase visual interest, break up the text, and create more white space.
  • Avoid repeating “I” in your copy. Site visitors have all the power when visiting your real estate website, and they are concerned only with their needs. Your copy should take this into account.